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(Kaneki Ken x reader)
Warnings: None. The language is kept 100% clean (odd for Tokyo Ghoul), there is no violence save for tickling, no gore, no sexual themes.
Note: This does, as you can see from the preview image, take place in the pre-Aogiri arc of Tokyo Ghoul. And yep (surprisingly) this is a fluff story. Kind of ironic to be writing a fluff for Tokyo Ghoul of all anime, hmm? But pay no heed to my babbling and continue down to the very short oneshot below.

"Hahahaha~ Stop it, (Y/n)!!!"

You gave a smile down at the wriggling boy beneath you, only older than you by a few months. The thin plastic strands of the eyepatch stretched across his left eye had tugged against him shaking his head so much and had loosened and dragged along his temple and cheeks. His short black hair, once kept in tidy bangs, was now in a fluttery mess across his forehead. His baggy sweater collapsed around his wrists as he looked up at you with pleading grey-brown eyes.

You paid no attention to Kaneki’s pleas and instead dive into his stomach for another attack as your nimble fingers curve across and wiggle, causing him to turn bright red as he strained to suppress a giggle. He flailed around a little, trying to get you off him, but you continued to tickle him without the barest trace of mercy, laughing a little to yourself as you did.

At last, he couldn’t take it any longer as you moved to the skin underneath the jut of his shoulder blades, and Kaneki burst out laughing at the light, flitting touch of your fingers. He stuttered, shaking a little as he squirmed even more, reminding you a little of a tadpole.

"(Y/n)! I asked you to stop!" He pleaded once more.

"But you’re so cute when you’re laughing!" you whined. A frown tugged at your lips as you lifted up your hands and added, “I haven’t seen you smile for months.” And it was true. Your boyfriend Kaneki hadn’t shown a trace of of a grin for a long time. He got up, shaking himself off the couch as he sat upright and placed a hand against the curve of your shoulder.

"I’m sorry, (Y/n)-chan. But… things have been a little tough for me lately." And it did seem that way. Kaneki had recently gotten a job, probably placing a fair amount of stress on him.

You pulled out the soft blue blanket from underneath your own body, settling back down not the couch cushions as you tenderly wrapped Kaneki up in the blankets, planting a kiss on his cheek. He looked confused for a moment as you scooted closer to him, struggling to get your legs out from beneath the tangled sheets that enveloped you both. He blinked a little, and you wanted to squeal at the innocent look that made his face scrunch slightly and his eye blink.

"It’s okay. I just want to see you happy for once. I’m worried about you." You embraced him in a hug and he snuggled into the warmth of your sweater covered arms. A small smile flickered across his face and he patted your shoulder, closing his one visible eye as he returned the hug.

"Well, now that you’re with me, I’m happy."

“You know what?” you asked. You could detect a slight bristle as he asked, "What?"

"…I’m happy too."
I see that I haven't been the most active on DeviantArt lately, so I've decided to make it up with a very short oneshot. This is definitely shorter than what I usually write, however, I'm still satisfied with the end result that came up. I hope you enjoy what I've written!

Tokyo Ghoul (c) Ishida Sui

Kaneki Ken (c) Tokyo Ghoul

Story (c) amityrose42
(Yandere!Griffith x Reader)
Warnings: For God's sake, this is a yandere story! There's some minor violence, and yes, someone dies in this. So if you are uncomfortable with these kinds of stories, I would recommend you read something fluffier.
Note: Dedicated to the wonderful folks from EnigmaticOtto.

All that was audible in the background was the strange, repetitive ticking of a grandfather clock. You lay, sprawled out against the black and white tiled floor, helpless as you awaited the appearance of your unknown kidnapper. You didn't remember very much of the incident, only you had been walking down an alley slicked with rain after a meeting with your dear friend, when a gloved hand clamped around your mouth, muffling any possible cries to come from you. Then, you had been dragged away into the darkness of the rain and had been knocked unconscious shortly after. And now, you had just woken up, trying to swallow down any sort of fear.

"Ah, you're awake." That voice was vaguely familiar to you, but you couldn't quite place the owner of such a voice. Deep. Masculine, rough but still somewhat "honored", princely even. All you knew was that this was most likely the voice of your kidnapper, who quickly came into view. The way that he had entered so suddenly was just about as comforting as shattered glass. It was a man- a rather beautiful one, you would admit had you not been god-knows-where and kidnapped- with long, flowing white hair and piercing blue eyes.

Terrified, you tried to scoot away from him in your position, sitting upright as you pushed away from this stranger with the palms of your hands. He frowned slightly seeing you flail around at some desperate attempt for escape, but then thrust out a hand and wrapped it around your ankle, pulling you towards him once again. Now you were unable to escape from his grasp, and since you had no idea where it was you were you couldn't do anything- couldn't cry out for help, couldn't scream, and the worst part was that you still had your voice. It was just that in a place like this, yelling for help was pointless.

"Why don't I just cut those legs of yours off, miss (Y/n)?" your captor inquired. When he noticed you shaking furiously, he added, "Not in that sense." However, seeing him pull out a small dagger from the pocket of his violet coat didn't help ease the tension, in fact it merely heightened it. "I simply just remove your tendons through your ankles... that way you'll never be able to completely escape from here." With that, he raised the dagger above his head, watching your (e/c) eyes widen. He did not flinch as the blade sliced through your achilles tendon, no he seemed to take interest, or even pleasure in watching you cry out at the momentary stab of pain.

Once it was over, the only way you could move was if you moved around on your hands, dragging yourself against the cold floor. And even then, every movement, every so-called step, seemed sluggish and slow, as if you were trapped in a sort of hazy sleep. The man smiled slightly, watching you attempt to move around, and scooped you up in his arms as if you were a child. Ignoring your protest, the man carried you into a cage of some sort and set you down within.

He reached a single hand through the bars of the cage as he watched your still form kneel away from him, and he slipped several fingers through strands of (h/c) hair, watching it slip away in his fingers, the grasp on it as trembling as a single human life. Another cruel smile graced his lips. He would monopolize you, call you his own, and you were his. That thick (h/c) hair would be tinged with crimson- no, dyed in the stain of blood. And this was all due to the first meeting, which you suddenly remembered. Visions of what happened flashed through your head like a deck of cards falling on top of one another, and then your captor remembered what it was that brought him to this love-craving madness.

A tall man with long white hair known as Griffith tried to make his way through the sea of a crowd. Yet again, he had been separated from the Band of Hawk and was now in Midland's capital. He struggled through so many people, until he finally bumped into a familiar face of a girl he had seen several times before. She was a courtesan he had seen at meetings with the king before- not much younger than him, perhaps by only a year. She looked up at him with those (e/c) eyes of her, and his heart began to beat like mad. Griffith willed himself to control his heartbeat, and the girl said, "Sorry. I'm in a bit of a rush."

"No, that is fine," he said. "You may be about your way."

"Thank you," is what you had said, and then you had left. Griffith was left alone with his thoughts in a crowd of people, heart beating so loudly that he could barely hear his own footsteps gliding across the pavement. He was most likely blushing madly, but he quickly shook that off. He needed to act now, take this girl for himself. It was almost impossible to fight these strange, animalistic urges. He tried, but at the party you were both at, he couldn't shake off those strange desires quickly building up inside of him.

What to do, what to do?

He watched as you glided down the steps. Strange, he thought you were a courtesan. Wouldn't you take a carriage? Then he remembered that there was one case of a murder within a carriage, and while it was still quite dangerous for a young girl to roam the streets by herself, it was definitely less risky than the idea of taking a chariot. At least it appeared that way. So with that, Griffith soon was on your tail, ducking behind corners in order to avoid an unflattering appearance that labeled him as a stalker.

At last, there you were in front of him... talking to another man? This girl, this wonderful girl he couldn't help but love, was talking to someone else. Rage burned through his mind, and he decided he would have to eliminate this rival later, that is before he made you his. So after you retreated from that unknown figure, Griffith reached out a gloved hand and clamped it around your mouth, ignoring your struggles. The hat against your head tumbled away in the attack, left lying on the floor.

Soon, the case of the courtesan (Y/n) going missing was quite a puzzling one. No matter how hard people tried, there was no trace of her left save for the hat she was wearing on the night of her kidnapping. No one knew where to find her, not even the older brother she had been conversing with only a few minutes ago. Strange... he would have been in a perfect vantage point to see her attacker in the night, yet no one was found. Then the leader of mercenaries known as the Band of Hawk had also gone missing as well, leading everyone to believe that the two had been kidnapped.

Now there you were, kneeling in your cage, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes as you stared up at this man, this man who thought he owned you. Griffith, a mercenary you had met only a few brief times alongside some other nobles. You were unsure what to think of him at the time- he seemed alright, charismatic and polite but oddly feminine looking which a couple of the younger ones poked fun at. But now, you saw him for what he really was. A monster.

But that's what he craved. That look of fear on your face as he trailed a single finger across your lip, forcing it to curl around. You were paralyzed with fear, but that merely excited Griffith. The way you looked at him. Repulsed. Disgusted. Horrified. It sent a chill through him, one of pleasure, to see you set in such an appearance of utter hatred and fear. Yet you were unable to resist any move he made, no way to stop him. He needed to mark you. To make sure that it was confirmed there was no way of escape.

With that, he let the door to the cage open swiftly, a mild squeak against the hinges erupting. Griffith extended a hand, taking you out of the cage and savored the misguided hope lighting up those (e/c) eyes of yours, thinking it was freedom for you. The glow went out when he revealed a small dagger, a weapon you had seen once before but the image was practically engraved into your mind. You flailed, at least tried to, in an attempt to get the chain around your ankle of, as Griffith stalked closer towards you and pushed your kneeling body so it was sprawled against the ground.

He grabbed ahold of your slim wrists, pinning you to the ground as he leaned closer, white hair tickling the skin exposed. He bit down against the choker, no your collar as he dragged the dagger he held in his hand across your hand, an master artist carefully and meticulously working on his painting. Choker still gripped tightly in his teeth, he scraped against the skin of your neck with his mouth, taking great pleasure in the way you winced at the sudden gesture. Putting the dagger away once again, he probed the broken flesh with a single finger.

The feel of his warm breath against your neck, the way his teeth scraped against you hastily in order to define you as his, the stinging pain against your hand... Griffith craved more of that feeling, the indelible proof you were his. He grasped the dagger even tighter, and traced it across your cheek, your eye, leaving scars of his mark against you. He was the king in the situation, and you were in his power. Your wounds were bandaged, and you were returned to your cage as Griffith remembered a rather important task he needed to complete before he proceeded.

"I will be gone for a bit, my love," he purred, leaving you alone.


Rain. It splattered all over the brick walls, against the muddy dirt roads, stinging Griffith's skin through his black cloak. He gripped the black sword within his hand so tightly his knuckles paled, blue eyes blazing with cold flames of rage as he silently padded after a second cloaked figure. A man you had been talking to awhile ago, a new rival that would be eliminated anyway.

Griffith gave one final glare as he stepped into visibility, allowing his presence to be known. The other male's eyes widened in surprise, he took a step away from him and took off running. A smirk played against Griffith's lips, that was the first sign of his rival's weakness. One didn't run from their enemies, they needed to fight. With that, he caught up to the rival male and the screech of metal against a sword sheath interrupted the tranquil torrents of rain pounding in sheets against the world.

It was done. Griffith stood up and admired his work, blood pattering against the pavement in place of the pure rain. He put his sword in place once again, satisfied with his work. Griffith did not care if his clothes were stained with blood. This was all for you, (Y/n). To show that you didn't need anyone else, to show that no one else truly deserved you save for himself. He was the only one, and this was all for your love.

He walked through the weaving alleys in search of the hideout he had titled home, reaching you at last. There were many bandages from the cuts he had given you, from your "playtime" with him. And yet, even with those white patches of bandages covering a single (e/c) eye, your beauty seemed to be heightened with all the blood and tears shed.

"Hello, dearest," he purred, watching you glare up at him. Still, you shook as you stared up at him, struggling to move, the simple rise and fall of your chest. Then you noticed his cloak. How it was tainted with something dark red, smeared against the black fabric. You stifled a sob as he opened up his and revealed the lock of hair in his hand, then let it fall to the floor. He slipped his hand into the cage and dragged you closer to him, breath hitting against your cheek.

You did the only thing you could think of doing. Eyes pricking with tears, you took a free hand and slapped him across the face, leaving a red imprint against his skin.

Griffith's reaction was instant. He looked shocked for a second at your defiance, that you would dare to go far as to disobey the only one who deserves you. And then... He smiled again. Because he knew there was never a single chance of winning. The bird that had once flew freely was now trapped in a cage forevermore, and there was no unlocking it.
Tragedy of the Chateau Cepage
Godammit. This goes both to Gakupo and Griffith for making me blush while writing this. Now I can't concentrate because my panties have disappeared. You truly are evil, Griffith. You made my panties fall. This also applies to you as well, Gakupo. It's bad to make Vocaloid lovers nosebleed like that.

This story was based off the Vocaloid song "Tragedy of the Chateau Cepage" by Gakupo Kamui. Naturally,  had to write a yandere Griffith story. 

For those of you curious, here's a link to the song: [link]

Berserk (c) Kentaro Miura

Griffith (c) Kentaro Miura

Gakupo Kamui (c) Internet Co.

Story (c) Amityrose42 
(Len Kagamine x Reader)
Warnings: None.
Note: This chapter will be described from Len's point of view, in third person since I felt that it would be a nice twist to do a chapter from his point of view.

Prince Len Kagamine sounded a rather grand title: He was heir to one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the country, with servants at his every beck and call, and every lay and girl of some sort of nobility vying for him to marry them- and as the son in the family, Len got to pick whichever female he wanted for a future bride. The future bride would live with them for several years, and then they would wed. 

Ha! Mere luxury in life was not the case for Len Kagamine. Perhaps he had a twin sister by the name of Rin, but he had almost the entire weight of responsibility placed on his shoulders- he was the son in the family after all, and at fifteen years old there wasn't much time until he would inherit the throne at eighteen years of age, so he needed to be properly taught the responsibilities of what he would do as a king. He wasn't hounded on but barely got time to cram in everything he wanted to do. Besides, he never liked any of the females who wanted his hand in marriage.

Yes, they were rich. Yes, he could pick whichever female he wanted for a bride and not have to worry about decision making. And yes, at times some of those female suitors were beautiful to behold. Alas, beauty was and still is merely skin deep, and that was a trait he found in many of the suitors. It didn't matter what their names were, but they were all there just to find a handsome prince for his crown and fortune, not really his love. He was criticized (And perhaps rightfully so, for some readers) about being too picky, but this was just one thing that Len was unable to shake from his mind.

He was currently sitting alongside the beach on a smooth black rock against the grainy, golden sand. Wind tossed tendrils of sand into his unassuming eyes, but beyond a thin layer of sand in his eyes was a beautiful sunset that never failed to impress him, a magnificent symphony of bright hues: Rich purple, bold pinks, subtle softening blues and periwinkles, coupled with streaks of ruby red and orange mingled within the sky's painting. Len often liked looking at the sky, not painting but merely observation. This was the time he felt truly at peace with all of his royal duties.

The glossy, deep blue water beckoned towards him, inviting him into its cold bliss. Smiling, Len slipped off his leather boots and allowed them to fall from his loose grasp and onto the sand. With his smile turning to a grin, Len dashed towards the water as puddles of salty liquid erupting around his bare feet. He scoured the beach for somewhere to sit as he waded into the water, and finally found another rock where he could dangle his feet in the currently shallow water.

Ahead of him, there was a splash of movement, and Len leaned forward towards the noise. He could have sworn that he had caught a glimpse of a tail, a fishtail. And it seemed like no ordinary fish tail- no, this one was much bigger, slimmer, and he might have caught a glimpse of the color (f/c) mingled with it. Curious, Len hopped away from the safety of his rock and waded further into the water towards the tail, which was much farther in the sinking horizon than he had expected a tail to be. He was so close to the tail... so... desperately... close...

But before Len could investigate any further, he toppled forwards into the water. Panicking at the familiar, stinging feeling of water in his nose and mouth, he kicked his arms an legs around violently before sitting up once again, coughing for air. Water burned within his lungs as his throat quickly became rather scratchy, allowing Len to regain memories of the night before: Jumping off the boat and plunging into the icy, dark depths of ocean water, how it blocked his line of breath and how he couldn't move, he was paralyzed as he sank further and further into the depths of the ocean.

But the memory didn't affect him negatively for some reason. That was all just something he had done in order to save the lives in front of him- after all, he was the sort to genuinely care for the lives he held within his hand, although Len wouldn't think of making his hand into a fist in order to squeeze everything out of the populace. As he edged closer to the water, he saw a head burst up from the water, the head of a girl.

She surfaced partway, up to her chest, and tilted her head upward as she placed her elbows on a rock and rested her chin against her fists. Still in that position, she began to sing, and it was unlike any other singing Len had ever heard. This girl's voice was like the wind chimes: Crystal clear, with words he was unable to understand but beatiful all the same. Each note vibrated with such soft resonation that Len felt his heart beating in sync with the girl's voice.

Then, she saw him.

Huge entreating (e/c) eyes widened and she started to shy away, but Len called out, "Wait! Don't go yet!" She stopped halfway through the water, face hidden by a curtain of (h/c) hair cascading against her neck. She didn't leave the water though, so perhaps she was swimming for a while. The prince swam a bit closer, practically stretching on his feet to look the swimming girl in the eye properly.

"Miss... What might your name be?" Len asked.

"(Y/n)... My name is (Y/n)," you said.

"That's a nice name," he said. Taking a moment to consider, the girl replied with a slight bow of her head and a "thank you".

"You also have a lovely voice," he added.

"Thank you," the girl said. You closed your mouth shut after that, fearing that you would let loose something humiliating or he might betray you, so you remained silent as Len placed his hand on the same rock as yours. You sucked in your breath involuntarily, hoping that neither of you would accidentally bump hands.

"Sorry," Len said, "I'm just not a very good swimmer and I need some balance- if you want to know exactly why, it's because of what happened only a few days ago."

"Oh?" you inquired, faking curiosity. Of course, being the one who rescued him, you of course would know what had happened and you did know.

"A few nights ago, I was on a boat for my fifteenth birthday. Then- Well, I don't know what exactly happened but there somehow was a fire, and there weren't enough boats for everyone. So I jumped off the ship in order for someone else to take my place. It may sound foolish to you, but I wanted to make sure that the people in this place want me as a future ruler."

"Y-you- You're a prince?" you said, feigning surprise.

"Yes, but not really a fact I want to take pride in. Mainly because as the future king and son, I have to pick a wife and I never like any of the girls asking for my hand. Usually they're quite shallow. Perhaps they may be smart, perhaps they may be beautiful, perhaps they may even be nice people. However, I never have found one female who truly has feelings for me- they're all just filled with lust or wish to have power and riches." Power? Riches? Those things flew away from your mind as you nodded.

"It must be hard to find someone who truly loves you, being a prince?"

"I have never really found a female from a neighboring kingdom who loves me as a person. However, being the prince, this gives me a sure advantage because I actually get to choose my future bride- meaning that if I do find a girl who loves me as a person, then I get to have her as my bride. Sadly, I haven't found her yet, I'm not even sure if there's a girl who doesn't want the crown at all."

"Why don't you just not get married? Then you would never have to put up with these girls."

"Because Father wants me to carry on the royal lineage for the Kagamine family and I have to put up with his yakking..." Shaking his head, the boy said, "And I try to be a better person daily. I try to get involved with politics so I am a fair king and so that I will not be ignorant. When walking the street, I try to treat the people kindly. I even help old ladies across the street- Anything just to get them to recognize the fact that I'm trying so hard to be a better person!" he said. "But all they just see is a pretty boy with lots of money."

"Well, don't blame yourself," you said. "I for one may not be of the same status as you, but that doesn't mean that I've never been in the same situation. Sometimes there are people who want to be friends with me only because of my beautiful older sisters or because I can sing a few high notes and not because they like me as a person. I happens with pretty much everyone. Even commoners."

Len smiled and you felt a sudden urge to return the gesture.

"I'm glad that there are other people out there who I can relate to, including you." A small spark of flattery burst within you and you didn't bother putting out the flame that could soon turn into pride.

"It's quite strange," he said. "It's weird. I don't remember anything from that time when I almost died, but for some reason you seem really familiar. Like you were there."

"Um..." you said, trying to come up with an excuse.

"I know that someone saved me, but I don't remember seeing anyone like you on the boat that night." Your pride began to shift into uneasiness. True, Len seemed like a kindhearted boy, but how would he react once he found out you were a mermaid? Perhaps he might even... no, the ideas were much too disturbing. Then again, you started to worry. Perhaps he wouldn't do anything to you, but what about your sisters? Luka and Lily and Gumi, they would all be in danger! And it would be your fault to have the idea to be so daring and talk to a human of all sorts.

"I have to go..." you mumbled, shoving past him and slipping into the water once again.

"Wait!" You could hear Len's garbled cries of confusion and dismay above, so distorted by the bubbles rushing past your ears. "(Y/n)! Wait! I-" You didn't get to hear the rest of his sentence because you had finally gotten deep enough into the ocean for him to find you. You had to keep your secret locked up tight before you could contemplate what had happened so recently. 

Finally, you reached the underwater palace. Seaweed drifted about lazily, gently stretching out their thin green leaves against the tug of the ocean's current. Bright schools of fish rushed past in all sorts of colors, bright anemone sprouted up around the sandy ocean floor and coated it. Jellyfish floated around in the water, gently pulsing against its current. You inhaled a gulp of water, starting to wonder. Had any of your sisters found out?

No. They couldn't have. They were all busy because they had to leave with your mother and grandmother to sign some contract with... who again? You vaguely remembered Lily's words from that morning, something about the sea- which you found rather idiotic in most aspects, after all you lived in the sea! But then finally you managed to get a good grasp on Lily's actual words.

"We have to visit the sea witch. She's the only one who can help with the cure for the sickness and we need to bring her something in exchange for a curing potion." 

The sea witch! Drifting into the palace, you brightened up. The sea witch was the one who could give you legs! But... you needed to talk more to Len to see if he truly was the good person he claimed he was trying to be. You wanted to get to know him better before risking your life to see him. But... but he was so kind and sweet... he helped old ladies.... he... he-

Len's words floated around in your head, dispersing quickly as they came as you blinked in confusion. Did you love Len? This was only your second meeting! This made no sense at all! Yes, there was love at first sight, but love was a thing that came gradually! Then again, he really was quite sweet to you. Perhaps you would return tomorrow, and a few more times before making your final decision. Yes, that would be it!



He reached out a hand in a futile attempt the grab you by the arm, but it was too late. You had already slipped underneath the water and Len was left in the ocean, standing almost up to his chin as he had let his grip up from the rock he used for support. Now the ocean no longer brought pleasure to him. Instead, it felt uncomfortable: Too light, too wet. Len trudged back to shore, clothes plastered to his skin and usually wild blonde hair now lying limp against his forehead. His parents would chide him for not being responsible enough, but now he didn't care about responsibility. Pulling the boots onto his sandy feet, Len wondered where he went wrong.

He had tried to be polite to (Y/n), she seemed nice and had a lovely voice! Then came the topic of his rescue and she had quickly dashed away. What had happened? Perhaps he would see her again tomorrow, and this time around he would bring a gift to make up to her! After all, she might love swimming so there was a chance they would meet again? But what to bring?

Len shoved his cold and wet hands into the cold and wet pockets of his pants. He would have to think of this tomorrow. But before he strode into the outer edges of the city, Len had the idea.

And with that, two voices filled with hope and longing said in sync, "Tomorrow."

The Little Mermaid- Chapter 3
Yes, after several days I finally managed to get the third chapter up! I don't really like the ending, but I wanted to make sure that the reader and Len have some development before she finally makes her decision.

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: You're reading this, so why would you need a link when you're already reading this?

Chapter 4: Coming up fairly soon.

The Little Mermaid (c) Hans Christian Andersen

Len Kagamine (c) Crypton Future Media

Story (c) Amityrose42
(Len Kagamine x Reader)
Warnings: Some mildly scary images at points.

You knew that signing this contract would mean that your voice so treasured by your family would fall silent. You knew that it would mean that if it didn't go successfully you were destined to turn into foam on the sea, fading away like the gradually softening tune of a music box. Yet a seed of love for this boy had taken root in your heart, and refused to be tugged away by the tide in the sea.

It had all begun during a storm. You, a mermaid with (f/c) tail, were hiding beneath the crystal blue waves of water and in your palace with your sisters, watching as the thin layer of light atop the water disappeared into dull grayness as brief flashes of thunder illuminated the unseen sky that you had seen so little of. An aching crash was heard above, as pieces of wood floated down to the ocean floor below, and something else- something bigger- plummeted underneath the waves alongside the boat. The distant tug of human voices above the water were garbled with the bubbles- something about how "prince sacrificed safety", words that meant nothing to you.

The thing that plummeted to the bottom of the seas finally settled in your garden, and curious to see what it was, you swam over to get a better view. Craning your neck over the streaks of seaweed, you found that whatever had plummeted underneath was not a thing, but a human. A boy human, one that looked much like some of your older brothers- except instead of a scaly tail, he had two tails with no trace of scales- well, you couldn't tell, since the tails were wrapped in tight cloth. His golden hair swirled around in the water, his eyes closed. There was only a slight hint of rising and falling in his chest, bubbles burst from his slightly parted lips.

Oh no! you thought, (e/c) eyes widening. Grandmother told me about humans and how they have to live above, and staying under water too long kills them. I have to take him back up! You slipped your small hands under the weight of the human male's body and struggled upwards through the ocean current, willing for yourself to go fast enough and help this boy live again. You yelled silent protests that only came out as bubbles because of the speed you were at, but continued to force yourself upwards- perhaps your sisters were wondering where you were now, perhaps they had gone to bed, but you didn't care. All that mattered was the safety of the boy in your arms.

At last, you burst through a cloud of foam, through the surface as you coughed, breathless from the speedy world that humans called 'home'. You let the boy lie down on the sand, drifting away from him. The slight movement of his chest had slowed even further, his blonde hair plastered to his wet forehead. Panicking you pressed your hands on his chest and tried to force the water out of his lungs.

Instantly, water spurted out of his mouth and spilled onto his ragged clothes- despite how soggy they were and how badly torn they were from the shipwreck,you could still tell that they were finely made from the shining yellowy trim along the edges. You knew this because sometimes you mermaids wore clothes for occasions such as weddings, sometimes fine as the ones he wore. Something crunched through the fine brown sand and instantly, knowing it was a human, you hid behind a rock and peeked from your safe vantage point.

It was a girl, a girl such as you, yet she had the same queer tails as the boy. She too, wore clothes that were finely tailored, and her teal hair was almost the exact color of the water- more green in it than blue, however. She knelt next to the boy, taking hold of his wrist, and asked, "Are you alright?" He opened his eyes up to the figure above him, asking, "What happened? I'm tired and I hurt, I'm scared. Is everyone on the ship alright?" His eyes were blue, a bright, hypnotic blue that made your breath hitch in your chest.

"Your Highness, Prince Len Kagamine?" A deeper voice sounded from above. An older human male with a single streak of silver in his slicked back dark brown hair stood over the injured human boy. Dribbles of salty water spilled out from his mouth as he said, "Is everyone alright?" He shivered underneath his thin layer of cloth in the chilled night air.

"I believe that this woman was the one who saved you," he said, gesturing towards the teal-haired girl. she smiled smugly, saying, "Yes. It was me."

"No," Len shook his head. "It was someone else."

"I remember carrying you here," the girl said in violent protest. "I was the one who saved y-"

"Enough talk!" The brunette man raised a hand. "We need to get you back to the palace until you are well. That was a daring sacrifice you made there, Len- jumping off the ship so that the boats would have one less person to carry. Perhaps if you hadn't lived, I would consider it foolish. But I still consider it foolish- you are to inherit the crown, after all." With that, the older man and the teal-haired girl balanced Len's body and limped across the shore.

You had heard the word palace before- you lived in a palace, you thought as you dove back underneath the water. But the human's palace would be much different than your own, you thought. And strangely, no matter what, you couldn't get the thought of that boy- Len- out of your head. The short interaction with him had been carved into your mind, you couldn't forget what had happened that time. You had heard of noble mermaids and mermen before, and this boy was willing to give his life up in order to save the people on the boat? You had heard better deeds, but somehow this one was written into your head.

Bubbles escaped your lips as you inhaled a gulp of water and floated down to your home, where you were engulfed in a tight embrace and a swirl of pink hair.

"(Y/n)?" came a muffled voice. "What were you thinking, going up to the surface like that? You could have gotten caught by humans, or they could have sold you as a pet, or they could have killed you outright and eaten your fins!"

"I'm sorry, Luka," you said. "But-"

"I should think you should feel sorry!" your older sister chided you. Her tail was dark silver, streaked with black scales and it waved around underneath the water like a single, nagging finger. "And if you had died, then they would know there's more of us and slaughter the whole lot! You could have jeopardized the entire mermaid kind, (Y/n)! You're usually more cautious than this." Finished with her rant, Luka flopped onto a rock.

"There's a reason that I swam up to the surface," you said. "I wasn't curious, Luka. It was because a human had fallen there and he was going to die. I had to bring him back up to the surface and get the water out of his lungs- surely you know that humans breathe that thing they call 'air' and not water?"

"Perhaps you meant to save him," Luka sighed, "But I simply just want you to remain safe, (Y/n). Our father died, leaving us with our grandmother and mother and my little sisters. I just don't want you to meet the same fate as him. Sometimes, you have to look out for yourself, even if it means hurting others. Come, let's go back- everyone's asleep now."

"Luka?" you asked.


"What do humans call the two tails that they have? Those are very thin, and don't have scales you can see."

"They're called legs," Luka said. "And even though to us they're funny looking, humans swim on wherever it is that they live. But if legs are thin and have no hair, the humans consider them beautiful. They also have souls."


"You know that a mermaid lives for three hundred years and then turns to foam, right?" You bobbed your head up and down, (h/c) hair drifting lazily under the water like seaweed. "Humans don't have that happen to them. Their lives are short compared to ours- most die at a hundred years or less- but there is an entity that embodies their personality and they call it the soul. We merpeople don't have souls."

"So that's it? We're destined to float as foam along the ocean?"

"No. Not all mermaids do," Luka sighed. "Some of them can love a human- and if the human loves them back and weds them, then they will have a soul that will join the one they love in a second life. But magic like that can come with a price. Besides," Luka said, "you still have many more years to live, (Y/n), many more happy years to enjoy." You plastered a smile on your face and swam behind Luka to your palace, where she bid you good night and left you alone in your room.

Try as you might, you were unable to sleep for the idea of a soul and love was still on your mind. Love from a human. A second life. Suddenly, you were craving the possibility of a soul alongside someone, someone. Then Luka's words rang through your head once again, clearer than the water, and your blood turned to thin veins of ice as each word formulated into that vague, strange warning.

"...But magic like that can come with a price."
The Little Mermaid- Chapter 1
This story was inspired by the Luka Megurine song "The Little Mermaid." Originally, this was intended to be one long story, but now I think it would be better if I broke it down into multiple parts since it would be difficult to read that way. I would like feedback, and please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes!

Chapter 1: Hah, you're already here.

Chapter 2: [link]

The Little Mermaid (c) Hans Christian Andersen

Len Kagamine (c) Crypton Future Media

Story (c) Amityrose42
Okay, maybe hate isn't the word for it. I think a more appropriate term for this kind of stuff would have to be extremely strong dislike. If you enjoy these types of stories, you may want to skip reading this entry in my journal and look at something else. I don't want enemies on my DA account or anywhere else. However, if you're still here and want to proceed with reading this essay to see why my opinion is my opinion, then by all means, please continue.

My first reason for this is probably the ending. See, no matter what type of plotline the story has, it's usually-I say USUALLY because there are a few amazing exceptions where the reader becomes a yangire- a romance between the reader and their tormenter. In the ending, for some reason, she (Or he) always forgives the character and accepts their love. Now think again. Despite the fact that this is usually for anime characters and I know that the excuse "Anime is not the same as real life" is pretty reasonable, I don't think I or anyone else for that matter would forgive a bully who has tormented me all these years. More likely I'd punch them and let them know that I hate them because they were such a huge a-hole to me all these years. The question is, would YOU do that? Most likely not. However, since you probably hate them so much for whatever it is that they did to you, you probably wouldn't have any romantic or forgiving feelings towards them, would you? I can't accept love from someone who has hurt me for such a long time. I rarely see this type of plot used in actual anime.

Secondly, remember there are KIDS surfing Deviantart. I may not be one of these kids, but there are plenty of children under the age of thirteen who accidentally stumble upon this sort of stuff on DA. I think that most mature people can agree when I say that this stuff is harmful. Warning: For the next few sentences, I'll be talking like a stuffy old person, so you may want to skip that. Children are at an impressionable age where they intake everything they see as what they should do. It's bad for children to see this type of stuff being glorified in so many stories. And as for my Len x Reader x Kaito story? Despite the positive feedback I received on it, I plan on deleting it. Why? Because like I said, this stuff is bad for kids (unless they are mature enough and aren't affected.) to read. I'm sorry to those of you who are enjoying it, or happen to find it emotionally satisfying. I might post it again, but there's no REAL guarantee. If you are curious about the mature content filter to non-logged in members, then kids could just lie about their age just to read this stuff.

Finally, I am always annoyed by this one element that nags at me COUNTLESS times. It leaves me with a sense of passionate rage, my teeth clenched. I am thinking of how the reader is unable to stand up for herself and has some sort of love interest or friend help her out. Every. Single. Time. I find it offending and extremely anti-feminist. But, I cannot deny the voice of reason: It is hard to stand up to a bully. That's true. When I was bullied a few times (Happens to almost everyone who's not a bully themselves.) I had a lot of trouble standing up for myself. But I managed to let people I trust know about the situation I was in by writing a letter- I'm sure many of you reading this and who have had bullying issues have done something similar. And telling someone takes a lot of courage. Every time I read one of these Bully x Reader stories, I always think,"Why can't the reader at least COMPLAIN about this stuff? Maybe in real life you wouldn't have told anyone, but you could have grumbled about how much you hate them.

In conclusion, these are the main reasons why I dislike such Bully x Reader stories except for a few. Those few stories are specifically written by one of my favorite Deviants known as Gemiri. I love how she always makes the reader strong and able to let people know she doesn't like what she sees in some way, and one of my favorites is a Prussia x Reader titled,"Enough!" I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say that there's no romance but more of vengeance. And that, I think, is the most emotionally satisfying type of story for people like me to read.<sub wytiwyg="1">


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